20 June 1864

14th Conn. Vols.
Near Petersburg, Va.
June 20, 1864

Mrs. Hubbard,

I received your letter of the 14th and was much grieved to hear of Lucien’s death. I had heard from some of his fellow prisoners that he was very unwell but did not suppose he was as bad as that. One by one the men of the unfortunate 14th are dropping off. We are only 2 years in service and there is not over 30 of the 1,000 men who started with us from Hartford.

2 more of the old members of the regiment who were taken prisoners before Lucien are both dead—murdered you might call it—in Richmond. I hope we may be able to reach that city but it will be at an awful cost of life. I think the army has lost 90,000 men and we have only reached the outworks as yet.

Lucien was paid up to the 31st of August so he has nearly 8 months pay due him. I do not know how much his clothing bill was but when I return to the regiment I will tell the commanding officer of his company and have him send final statements and inventory of effects of diseased soldiers to the Lead Auditor of the Treasury and you can draw the amount due him from that office by applying for it.

At present, I am in the hospital. I received a slight wound in the head during a charge made the other night which has closed my left eye and put me off duty for a few days but I will be back to my regiment in a few days as good as ever. There is no use of talking about anything else. We must put this rebellion down and that as soon as possible. It has cost the country enough of blood and treasure already.

I do not belong to Co. A now but to Co. E or I would see to the settlement of Lucien’s affairs myself but I will see that Lieut. Morgan attends to it. I must close now as the mail will go in a few minutes.

Respectfully yours, — Franklin Bartlett, Lieut. Co. E, 14th C. V. ¹

¹ Franklin A. Bartlett (1845-1865) of Bridgeport was mustered into Co. A, 14th Connecticut, on 21 June 1862. He was promoted to 1st Sgt. of Co. A before accepting a commission as 2nd Lt. of Co. E. He was promoted to 1st Lt.  on 14 September 1864 but was killed on 5 February 1865 at Hatcher’s Run, Virginia. In the regimental history it was stated that, “Lt. Franklin Bartlett was the youngest officer in the regiment. He was born …in 1845 and was but seventeen years old when he enlisted. He was promoted to captain but his commission was not received until after his death. Although slight of frame and young, he bore his part unflinchingly. His remains were taken to Bridgeport for burial.