27 April 1864

Jarvis General Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland

Jarvis General Hospital
Baltimore, Maryland
April 27, 1864

Mrs. Hubbard
Dear Madam, Yours of the 21st came to hand and I seat myself to answer it. It found me in good health. I was happy to know that you had received my letter. As to the care he is getting, I can’t say what kind it is. While I was with him he got as good care as I could give him but you must recollect that we was amongst Rebels and has not the means of taking care of a sick person as he should be. As to his recovery, I will give you my opinion candidly which I suppose you will not blame me for. My opinion is that your son Lucian Hubbard has expired ‘ere this. I don’t think he could survive 48 hours when I left him. This is only my opinion of course. I may be mistaken.

He was in very good spirits and said he would get well and get home yet when I bid him goodbye. He told me to tell you not to fret about him—that he would be home yet, and that he shouldn’t forget to write to me—his friend he called me—and which I tried to prove. It moved me with pity and tears to leave him there. May God take care of him.

The best way of you finding about him I will tell you, You had better write a letter to Dr. William Semple, Surgeon-in-charge, Hospital 21, Richmond, Va.  Enquire of him—your boy. He is a very fine man and will give you information concerning him. Let your letter to him be short. No contraband news. Also let them be unsealed. Your requests are cheerfully complied with and I only wish I could answer them more satisfactorily for you and myself. I thank you for your interest expressed in my welfare in getting out of the Southern Confederacy safe. Let me assure you that it will afford me great pleasure to give you more information that I have as may yet concerning your beloved boy which I always felt an interest in.

Hoping that this may find you and your family in good health and that God in His all wise providence may restore your boy safe to you once more, I remain your obedient servant, — John L. McGuire, Jarvis Gen’l Hospital, Ward 15, Baltimore, Maryland